EPP Product Applications

The main applications can be found in Automobile industry, transport containers and packaging, technical and sport equipment, toy and furniture etc.

  1. Automobile Industry 

There are many EPP parts that make a vehicle safer, lighter and therefore more environmentally friendly!

  1. Reusable Packaging (Car industry transport try)

Transporting securely and non-polluting. Special packing, manufactured from EPP, is robust, highly elastic and reusable. This results from the structure of the foam: On the one hand, the high flexibility of the EPP beads prevents formation of cracks. EPP carriers are conducive to the secure transport and storage of damageable components, like for example lacquered ornamental battens, illuminated units or electronic components. After use, the boxes can be folded up and returned without great effort. Reusable packaging made of EPP.

  1. HVAC, insulation and protecting

The list of EPP’s unique properties is long. Besides its eco-friendliness, high potential in lightweight construction and great freedom in design, for which expanded polypropylene is gaining increasing attention in the creative industries, the particle foam is also hailed for its thermal shape stability and outstanding insulating properties.

4. Electronic Products Housing and Protecting

5. Electronic Parts & LCD Packing

Electronics products packaging and anti-static packaging for electronic goods


6. Thermo Boxes for catering (Hot, Cold)

EPP box high-capacity for food Cooler box for delivery food keep warm and fresh. EPP box high-capacity for food Cooler box for delivery food keep warm and fresh. Safe transport accompanied by optimum heat and cold insulation, for innovative solutions and stable materials and for new standards in design. Whether for restaurateurs, caterers or food retailers: the EPP box has the perfect solution for every sector. And practical recreational boxes for shopping or camping for the private sector.

7. New business trend and new market  EPP Lego Block for the Kids

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