1. What is  NFE (Nonflammable EPS) board? 

It is fireproof EPS insulation board  which Fire-proof, non melting in heat, and almost smoke less. NFE insulation board can protect property and human life from fire. NFE insulation board does not melt on fireproof performance from the fire and which does not generate toxic gas. NFE insulation board has excellent thermal insulation performance, fire prevention performance of A, B1 class non-combustible.


2. Special features of NFE (Nonflammable EPS) board   

  • Excellent fireproof & thermal insulation performance: A class fire prevention, Thermal conductivity index is 0.034~0.039W/(M.K). Using thermosetting foamed technology, carbonized after burning, non-melting and avoiding secondary burning.
  • Water resistance & Breathable: A modified NF EPS boards is waterproof, moisture proof, freezing and thawing resistant and impermeable and also is breathable.
  • Lightweight: Light weight, reducing building load to improve safety of the paste. Lower density among all the thermal and incombustible insulation materials. Low density 20kg/㎥ ~ 40kg/ ㎥ (App. 33%: EPS, 67%: Coating Agent)
  • High tensile strength: NF EPS boards  have a very high tensile strength, impact resistance and stability, the tensile strength could reach 150-500KPA.
  • Energy cost saving : Excellent thermal conductivity, the cost of unit area usage is much lower than PU and Rockwool. Same as EPS board.
  • Excellent mechanical and physical properties: Excellent compression strength, toughness, and dimensional stability.
  • Well application on color-steel panel: More convenient on complex than PU and Rockwool.
  • Well application on insulation decorative board: Can be used as insulation and decorative board, to achieve effect and also heat preservation effect, saving much cost.
  • Eco-friendly: Material for a NFE boards are environmentally friendly, no harmful volatiles, no decomposition, no mildew.

3. Fireproof principle of NFE board’s

The principle of the NF EPS fire retardant foam insulation boards is polymer technology. It is not as          simple as adding flame retardant agent to the EPS bead. This technology makes the thermoplastic EPS          into a thermosetting EPS. It is thermosetting modified technology.

4. Application of NFE board