Introducing all new Non-Flammable EPS Board

"What if you could prevent a building from being burnt down? "

At 900°C, a foam board does not melt. Watch our test run video below. 


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2 thoughts on “Introducing all new Non-Flammable EPS Board

  1. frank Lee Reply

    hello Mr.Song,

    we met before in China for NF eps line, congratulations to your successful business!

    you made big progress in this regard.

    does the nf eps supplier from Korea or China?

    do you sell the machine or fininished product only?

    if you sell machine, you choose china machine or Korea origin?


  2. Mohammad Asif Bayqara Reply

    I am interested in Non-flamble EPS, which is an amazing product.
    how could I get helped by you I would like to get mo details of this product.

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