IMG attended the official opening ceremony of Chirchik Chemical Industrial Technopark in Uzbekistan on 23rd Mar, 2022. The idea of establishing a big scale chemical based production complex was discussed from 2018 between Uzbekistan and Tatarstan. The several mutual documents were signed and Chirchik city was chosen for this industrial complex.


IMG Plastec was chosen and invited as one of the companies to participate in this national project and lead a growth of EPP bead foam market in Uzbekistan. Especially, localization of EPP bead foam production has been really in demand in Uzbekistan. It’s because of the fact that the steam chest molders in Uzbekistan had no options but to depend on import of the raw material from the suppliers abroad, sacrificing their budgets for high price of the raw materials and transportation.


However, the implementation of IMG’s turn-key based EPP bead foam production system and technology can help to stabilize raw material supply and save the production budget. From mini pellet extrusion to EPP bead foaming and various product molding, continuous and efficient EPP production line can be realized in their factory.


According to the officials, the latest equipment from dozens of countries including Russia, Germany, Korea, Turkey, and China was imported. Besides that, all techno-park enterprises are GREEN, so that they meet the highest environmental requirements. During the ceremony, the parties signed a number of important agreements for further cooperation. IMG’s new EPP production plant in Uzbekistan is on the verge of setting and expected to start massive production at the end of this year.


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