Company Overview

Our journey began over 30 years ago as a plastic processing machinery and plant engineering company. Responding to the growing market demand, IMG Plastec Group continued to innovate and develop its capabilities, as a result gradually became the core of expanding enterprise group. Currently, IMG Plastec group is providing foam beads production system with its turn-key solution and technical know-how in multiple segments such as EPP, E-TPU, EPE and E-PLA.


After the pandemic, we have been going through a global labor shortage and unstable flow in logistics, resulting in a dramatic increase in transport cost and unpredictable delays of shipment. Especially, for EPP steam chest molders who purchase the raw materials with a high price from the monopolistic supplying companies, the transport of the raw materials is not economic and efficient both time and cost-wisely, considering a high volume of expanded bead foams and the limited amount of theirs to be loaded in a container. However, IMG’s direct EPP bead foam production system will set you free from being on tenterhooks for unstable supply status and fluctuating transport costs. Based on IMG’s direct production system and the specialized technology, the EPP steam chest molders can start their own EPP bead foam production and save the cost up to 40-60% by establishing a self-sustainable supply system and eliminating a transport process that takes up a large portion of the whole production cost.