Our journey began over 30 years ago as a plastic processing machinery and plant engineering company. Responding to the growing market demand, IMG Plastec Group continued to innovate and develop its capabilities, as a result gradually become the core of expanding enterprise group. At the time being, IMG Plastec group is providing foam beads production system with its turn-key solution and technical know-how in multiple segments such as EPP, E-TPU, EPE and E-PLA.


In the course of time, in order to economize the cost of purchasing and shipping EPP materials up to 40%~60%, majority of EPP steam chest molders will start to invest EPP bead foam production system directly to their molding plant. Because of unique combination of properties such as low weight, chemical resistance, high thermal and sound insulation, structural strength, ability to absorb impact energy and easy recyclability, EPP is actively used in industries that require the protection of temperature-sensitive products, for example, for packaging and storage of medicines, food  as well as for production of reusable shipping containers, housings segments (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and widely used safety components in the automotive industry.