1. NF insulation board production process

To produce NF boards, the following steps are required.

  • EPS bead foaming processThis process is the same as the regular EPS pre-foaming process.
  • Coating and drying process of foamed EPS beads with NF liquid. Coatings and dryers are required for this process. We also supply special flame retardant coating solution produced by our company.
  • NF block molding process: NF coated beads are injected into a specially manufactured block molding machine and molded. This NF block molding can not be produced by the general EPS block molding machine, it necessary special design for NF bead.
  • NF block cutting: NFE Block cutting requires a vibrating hot wire cutting line.

To produce the NF Board, the specially designed nonflammable liquid coating is applied to prevent the EPS bead from burning. The know-how of this liquid is the most important technology and  liquid performance creates an EPS does not burn.
2. Flame retardant NF coating liquid “The key core technology is that every particle is an independent fireproof unit and, it is the technology that the thermoplastic granules turn into thermosetting granules.”  It is Thermosetting modified technology. And eventually the organic polymer particles forms an independent fireproof unit, which effectively blocks the conduction of flame spread achieve the effect of “noncombustible”.

3. NF coating, drying machine This machine is responsible for mixing, coating and drying on the expanded EPS bead with NF liquid. Through the many years of R&D and field verification, uniform coating with using various kind of nonflammable liquids making it possible to reach to A and B1 class nonflammable and non melting level. 

4. NF block molding machine NF Block Molding Machine has several other important points compared to the general EPS molding machine according to the coated NF EPS bead properties. It has important differences that includes a compression wall, steam supply system, material hopper, and material feeding system etc. This molding machine is equipped with functions and characteristics suitable for NF block molding different from general EPS Block molding machine.

5. NF block cutting  machine Three-direction cutting, horizontal, vertical and cross cutting Max. 50 cutting wires can be automatically set horizontally, and max 20 cutting wires for vertical and cross cutting with vibration system. Available options include scrap collection and