Bead Foam



EPP Technical Molded parts are indispensable in car manufacturing. Thanks to their outstanding energy-absorbing properties, EPP (AUTOMOTIVE) parts improve passive safety and provide better protection for vehicle occupants. One secondary benefit is the low weight of the innovative material to be able to cut fuel consumption and emission, and make cars more eco-friendly.

EPP Car Seat with Insert Molding


EPP is widely used in seating structures to achieve significant weight reduction because it replaces heavy steel constructions in seats and improve vehicle safety, strength, acoustics and comfort at the same time.

Front & Rear Bumper

The front and rear bumpers are the first point of contact when a vehicle is involved in a crash. It is for this reason that car manufacturers have adopted Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) high-impact shock absorption capabilities, as the right solution to keep passengers safer.

Floor Components & Cargo System


EPP can adapt perfectly to any irregularly shaped vehicle components. Owing to the material’s plasticity, the car floor components and cargo system can be engineered into complex shapes. Moreover, the low weight of the car interior makes the vehicle lighter and more energy-efficient.

Door Trim


The EPP doors are not only lightweight but also resistant to impacts. Recently, the applications with special laser textures on the surface are becoming popular.




EPP can absorb even more energy when used in combination with metal like EPP seat bolsters. Additionally, sunvisor pads, air bags, cup holders, arm rest, steering wheels, etc. can be made of EPP for the cost reduction and safety of automobiles.