Bead Foam



Anti-static Packaging for Electronic Goods

EPP Electrostatic Discharge Protection (ESDP) grade assures greater protection from electrostatic discharge with a permanent surface resistance of less than 107Ω, promoting rapid static decay to protect against sparking.

 Hot, Cold & Fresh Food Box


 EPP food box is sturdy, extremely light and safe for transportation of hot, cold and fresh food. The high stacking rim with special knobs and reinforced corners ensure a tight-fitting lid. The ordinary coolers are too heavy and need the ice which makes your food soggy when it melts. However, EPP box is the revolutionary, lightweight and foldable cooler to keep something cool for 10 hours without ice. Furthermore, the robust, shock-absorbing box is not only elegant in shape and color but also dishwasher-safe and therefore easy to clean. 

Food Delivery Box

EPP thermal boxes are the best solution to keep the food fresh and warm during  delivery.

HVAC (Heating/Ventilating & Boiler Housing)


EPP foam insulation and sound barrier properties are attracting Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC) manufacturers, who are incorporating EPP on new product designs. Thanks to the design flexibility of EPP, many key system components such as pumps, boilers, valves, heat-exchangers and control mechanisms which have a better insulation and sound proof function can be manufactured.




Reusable Transport Packaging (Dunnage)


The durability of EPP are suitable for multi-use, transport ready packaging for many different types of components and sensitive products, from tiny needles for electronics components to large trays for automotive panorama roofs.