Bead Foam







EPP furniture is lightweight, so it is very easy to move and assemble even for children. Thanks to its durability and various colors, EPP is widely used for a chair, a bed, and a mattress, to name a few, which has both practicality and aesthetics.


The babies use their mouth to explore the world, and that’s why safety is the primary thing to be considered when buying toys. EPP toys are made of unleaded, non-toxic and safe ingredients. Furthermore, they are lightweight and soft with having round edges which can protect our children from the accidents while playing. The vivid colors and workability of EPP blocks that can be assembled in many ways for different shapes of works will help our children develop their creativity and imagination.



Home Applications


EPP products are used in many ways at home: a child safety seat, an ironing boards, a bathroom cushion mat, a wine cooler, a flowerpot and a hot bin etc.




Sports & Leisure



EPP has been used to make sporting goods such as an yoga roller, a swimming float, a surfing board, a helmet, ski boot insole, a floor mat, a bicycle seat, and protective gears, etc. In addition, since EPP has a good ability to adapt to sophisticated shapes, it’s used for making a drone body, a model airplane, a boomerang, or many other stuffs for activities and hobby.