EPP Applications

"The main applications can be found in automobile industry, transport containers, HVAC, packaging, technical parts, sport equipment, toy and furniture etc."

"In the near future, EPP beads will be produced directly by molding companies like EPS, and raw material prices will drop significantly. And, the field of application of EPP will be greatly expanded."

1. EPP Application of Car Parts

Technical molded parts made of EPP are indispensable in several industries – in car manufacturing, for example. Thanks to their outstanding energy-absorbing properties, EPP parts improve passive safety and provide better protection for vehicle occupants. Accordingly, they are used to make fenders, headrests, and other impact absorbs. 

One secondary benefit is the low weight of the innovative material: EPP molded parts thus cut fuel consumption and make cars more eco-friendly. Because it can be precisely shaped, EPP also cuts a good figure elsewhere – as a sun visor, paneling, or a toolbox for precisely accommodating breakdown sets.

■ Shock Absorption Front & Rear Bumper

The front and rear bumpers are the first point of contact when a vehicle is involved in a crash. It is for this reason that car manufacturers have adopted Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) high-impact shock absorption capabilities, as the right solution to keep passengers safer.

EPP is a lightweight and durable material that is fast becoming the material of choice of automotive engineers that are in a continuous search for high performance materials that can reduce weight and CO2 emissions whilst also improving crash test results and number one keeping passengers as safe as possible..

■ EPP Car Seat with Insert Molding

EPP is widely used in seating structures to achieve significant weight reduction.  Metal wires can be molded directly into an EPP part. These insert-molded components create integrated sub-assemblies that can be used as primary or secondary attachment features to the steel seat frame or for structural enhancements. 

EPP Seat are designed to improve vehicle safety, strength, acoustics and comfort. EPP will make cars lighter, because it replaces heavy steel constructions in seats. It is as a replacement for the traditional metal seat structure. Total mass reduction has been as much as 1 kg with an EPP seat.

■ Toolbox (Tire Mobility Kit Case)

EPP storage systems are space saving and efficient for the user. The EPP part is lightweight and contains shaped recesses for tools, jacks, wheels, inflation kit etc. 

 If you want to see a stowage system in real life then…go to your car, open the boot and look for the toolbox or spare wheel holders.

■ EPP Door Trim

EPP in the doors of the BMW i8        The EPP door design benefits from the lightness and impact resistance of the foam.

Electric cars of the future to make your vehicles lighter, greener, safer and less reliant on-air polluting fuels.

The application of special laser textures to tool surfaces in reproducible top quality is also becoming increasingly popular.

■ Floor Components and Metal Inserted Parts

Floor car components made from EPP level perfectly any irregularly shaped vehicle floors.

EPP with inserted metal parts for seat, bolster, head rest and the other parts.

EPP can absorb even more energy when used in combination with metal and easy to assembling.

■ Other Car Parts

EPP parts are increasing in a wide range of applications for the safety and light weight of automobiles.

2. Reusable Transport Pakaging (Dunnage)

During the cycle of industrial production, components of a product are subject to displacement, transportation and storage. Often parts pass from one sub-supplier to another for the various assembly and completion phases with other components  that contribute to the setting up of the finished product.

The durability of EPP allows for multi-use, transport ready packaging for many different types of components and sensitive products, from tiny needles for electronics components to large trays for automotive panorama roofs, with the ability for automated robotic installations

3. EPP Parts for Electronic Equiptment

■ Electronics products packaging and anti-static packaging for electronic goods

Recently, TV has become larger in size. We are using EPS as a conventional TV packaging material, but we cannot guarantee the safe packaging of large TVs. Therefore, EPP cushions are used as packaging materials for large TVs

The EPP Electrostatic Discharge Protection (ESDP) grade assures greater protection from electrostatic discharge with a permanent surface resistance of less than 107Ω, promoting rapid static decay to protect against sparking.

■ Electronic Products Housing and Protecting

EPP is an excellent material choice for medical devices because it can be molded into complex shapes without losing its resiliency.

EPP foam components allow for assembly without screws; enable cooling and tube rounding through built-in channels; provide noise and vibration dampening.

■ EPP Green Packaging System (Large Size Reusable Packaging)

Samsung Electronics introduced the world’s first refrigerator eco-friendly packaging designed to replace disposable refrigerator packaging materials, which previously used paper and styrofoam, with eco-friendly non-toxic polypropylene (EPP) and to reuse internal and external structures more than 40 times. .

4. HVAC (Heating, Ventilating & Boiler Housing)

■ HVAC & Thermal Insulating (thermal and acoustical insulation)

EPP foam insulation and sound barrier properties are attracting Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC) manufacturers, who are incorporating EPP on new product designs.

The design flexibility of EPP enables key system components such as pumps, boilers, valves, heat-exchangers and control mechanisms to be universally housed in EPP to improve their insulation. 

■ EPP Insulation Housing and Protecting

The design flexibility of EPP enables key system components such as pumps, boilers, valves, heat-exchangers and control mechanisms to be universally housed in EPP to improve their insulation. 

The shape of the EPP can be adjusted to fit around components, which eliminates unnecessary heat loss and absorbs shocks during transportation.

5. EPP Thermo Box

■ EPP box high-capacity for food Cooler box for delivery food keep warm and fresh

Whether for restaurateurs, caterers or food retailers: the EPPBOX has the perfect solution for every sector. And practical recreational boxes for shopping or camping for the private sector.

Excellent insulation the high stacking rim with special knobs and reinforced corners ensure a tight-fitting lid. For safe transportation and insulation of hot, cold and fresh food. It is sturdy, solid and extremely light.

■ EPP Foldable Insulating Box

Thanks to their high insulation performance, chilled goods are ideally protected. Furthermore, the robust, shock-absorbing box is not only elegant in shape and color but also dishwasher-safe and therefore easy to clean. 

Ordinary coolers are too heavy, need ice and makes your food soggy when the ice melts! The EPP Box is the revolutionary cooler that’s lightweight, foldable and keeps things ice cold up to 10 hours without any ice at all!

■ EPP Hot, Cold & Fresh Food Box

For safe transportation and insulation of hot, cold and fresh food. It is sturdy, solid and extremely light. The high stacking rim with special knobs and reinforced corners ensure a tight-fitting lid.

This outstanding and unique technology allows the production in a single process of EPP products with surfaces totally or partially crystallized (melted like a crystal film).

■ EPP Food Delivery Box

The food delivery culture, which is growing all over the world, allows EPP thermal boxes to deliver food freshly and warmly.

To keep food warm during delivery, you can install a heater in the EPP box to keep the food warm.

6. EPP Toys

■ New business trend and new generation of kid toys EPP Block

“Thinking, Creative, Imaginations”  Blocks help children develop imagination and creativity through fun play.

“Children’s toys made of EPP are new eco-friendly children’s toys. We supply all of the raw materials, production facilities, designs and molds necessary to produce this product on a turnkey basis.”

■ EPP Kid Cafés & Playgrounds

EPP Kid café business grows together with children of the worldwide since launched 2015.”

EPP Kid Playground is a trademark of each shopping mall where children can safely play in large shopping malls and department stores.

7. EPP Furniture

■ EPP Office Furniture and Design

The furniture is easy to move and simple assembling. EPP lightweight foundation blocks fit together, come apart, and rearrange to create customization settings where people can seamlessly work together to generate new ideas

The creative branch represents a totally new field of application for the innovative foam. The advantage of EPP: The versatile attributes of the substance set no boundaries to the fantasy of designers.

■ Safety Design for Children’s Furniture

Children will  use mouth to explore the world, the material of furniture should be  unleaded non-toxic paints without stimulation. Decorated the child safety first, safety is the primary issues to be considered, children must furniture corner smooth, without a sense of sharps can be avoided injury to children.

7. EPP Sport & Leisure

“EPP has been used to make; climbing, skiing, horse riding, skate boarding, surfing, baseball and cycling helmets, ski boot insoles, body boards, swimming floats, body protection, shin pads, bicycle rims, exercise / yoga rolls and more.”

■ EPP Health and Yoga Roller

■ EPP Drone, Model Airplane

■ EPP Marine sports and Leisure

■ EPP Family Bike Seat and Helmet

EPP is an engineered plastic foam material that provides a unique range of properties and material benefits. By molding the bike seats from a safe and comfortable seat is created thanks to the padded and shock-absorbing materials.

EPP has been used to make; Rack climbing, skiing, horse riding, and cycling helmets, and more. The combination of a foam-injected EPP core and a partial ABS hard shell enables both optimum safety and a minimum weight.

■ EPP Ice Field Cover & Floorball Board

8. EPP Home Applications

■ EPP products are used in many ways at home: baby hip seat,  ironing boards, bathroom cushion mats, children's toilet seats, wine cooler, flowerpots and hotbin  etc.

9. EPP Pallets and Plank

Producing EPP beads directly can significantly lower the material price and replace the pallets in EPS. The goods loading weight can be 3000kg.

Planks are lighter and stronger and can provide more product protection with less material. It’s possible to make prototypes to ensure that the product meets your needs

10. Other Applications

The field of EPP products is currently applied in many fields and is "constantly being developed for application in new fields. If EPP beads are produced directly by molding companies, the price will become cheaper and the application in more fields will explode."