"HeatingRail nano carbon heater is composed of carbon mixture that does not contain nichrome heating wire and is an environmentally friendly and economical carbon heating system. With our accumulated technology as the original manufacturer of nano carbon heater, we are expanding our business into the world."

High Efficiency: Excellent thermal efficiency due to far-infrared radiation heating

Economical Energy Cost: Economical energy saving nano carbon heating system adopted PTC technology that reduces power consumption (100W/㎡)

Safety: No risk on short circuit from water, moisture and fire safety from self-regulating. (Max. 60℃)

Semi-Permanent: Integral injection structure completely sealing water and moisture

Healthy and Wellness: 96% of infrared radiation make comfortable environment

World First & Patent Registered: It’s first dry type Nano Carbon Heating  system in the world and patent registered.

Dry, Wet System and Snow Melting: It can be installed in both dry and wet systems and can also be used for snow removal in front of your home.

1. What is the EPP HeatingRail?

Heating elements for electric floor heating are carbon mixtures composed of polymer nano particles. When an AC voltage is transferred to a heating element through a special wire connected in Heating Rail Bar, the kinetic energy of the nano particle carbon mixture inside the heating element is converted into thermal energy through electrical resistance to generate heat.

EPP HeatingRail is a revolutionary new product on the market responding for people demands all over the world who want to use heating systems based on nano carbon technology with the latest achievements, enjoying lower power consumption with faster response time and higher comfort.

2. Energy Saving Technology

“Unrivaled energy saving PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) static characteristics applied technology. No other heating system can realize inexpensive floor heating and heating ability will be more powerful. EPP heating rail system can save up to about 30% heating cost than traditional electric heating film. “

3. Energy Consumption Comparison

This is a comparison table after 10 minutes power supply to the electronic carbon film currently in use and the newly developed Nano Carbon EPP heating rail. The heating film reached 44 ° C at 0.45A, which is the same as the initial power. In the heating rail, it can be seen that the temperature of the heating rail rises to 64 ° C and the initial current 0.40A gradually decreases to 0.28A by PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology. Therefore, it can save about 30% more energy than conventional heating film.

4. Lowest Electromagnetic Wave (Compare with Electronic Film)

“EPP Heating Rail does not generate electromagnetic waves during heating operation. It helps the body to recover from fatigue by generating far-infrared rays.”

“The electromagnetic wave of EPP Heating Rail is 0.2mG, which is the same as  indoor atmosphere, and there is almost no electromagnetic wave. However, the heating film generates 17 times more electromagnetic waves at 3.5mG. EPP Heating Rail is very safe from electromagnetic waves.”