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[CEO Young G. Song & CTO Chul B. Park]


“In other words, the new nanofibril rubber technology will increase the range of new applications requiring both high stiffness and high ductility. Another advantage, especially for automotive applications, is decreased density with the same functions. A lower density rigid EPP foam having a small nanofibril rubber content will be able to exhibit the same properties as the higher density soft EPP foam and, thereby, we will be able to decrease the weight of the EPP products.” “All semi-crystalline polymers can be made into bead foams having double peak with tailored properties. By producing such foam beads directly from the molding company, innovation can be easily brought to (i) the market development for new applications, (ii) the product development with desired properties, and (iii) the processing technology improvement for reduced costs, enhanced quality, enhanced sustainability, and enhanced safety.” Chul B. Park, Ph.D.


CEO & Chairman Young G. Song has been researching and developing equipment-manufacturing and molding technologies for polymer foams over 30 years. He is currently distributing autoclave-based bead foam production technologies and facilities. In particular, he is supporting bead-foam producers, together with experienced professors and professional technicians in the foam field, to safely and cost-effectively manufacture EPP and E-TPU foam beads, while supplying a compact smart factory system that incorporates artificial intelligence, and state-of-the-art equipment.

CTO Chul B. Park, Ph.D., P.Eng. received his Ph.D. from MIT in 1993. He is Distinguished Professor of Microcellular Engineered Plastics at University of Toronto. He serves as a consultant and the CTO of IMG Plastec. Prof Park was a major inventor of MuCell Technology and has identified the fundamental mechanisms of cell nucleation and expansion. Especially, he elucidated for the first time the roles of the EPP bead’s two crystal peaks in foaming . He has published more than 1400 papers, including 420 journal papers and 4 books, with the h-index of 76. Prof. Park also serves as the Editor-in Chief of Journal of Cellular Plastics and sits on the Advisory Editorial Board of 12 other international journals.